Hello there WORLD, my name is Teddy Bearson and this is my very first blog ever! I've been asleep (or pretending to be asleep), for the last couple of days, trying to avoid blogging, but I got bored—you see I'm not really a hibernating sort of bear! Nan's writing a series of books all about my travels over the last 28 years—YES, THAT'S RIGHT—28 years! So I guess its only fair that I start earning my keep and help her by writing a blog on her website and Facebook and tell you some of my stories.

A little background:

My favourite foods: all kinds of fish, steak, sausages and honey of course.

My interests: adventure travel, back packing, telling stories, horse riding, camel trekking, swimming, hiking and relaxing (lots).

My favourite people:  Just about everyone I've met, but especially Mishca, Pop, Nan and Willy Weka and the toys at home.